The Girlfriend Mom

In her author’s note, Dani Alpert writes, “The story you are about to read was written over many years,” and that explains a lot. It’s unclear to the reader whether the “two little shits,” as Alpert’s dedication calls them, will … Continue reading

Adult Conversation

“If there was one thing I wished I had been told before becoming a mother,” narrates Brandy Ferner’s protagonist April, “it was that even with all the immediate, whine-soaked, child-induced atrocities violating my personal space and sanity as a stay-at-home … Continue reading

How To Be a Family

When I heard that Dan Kois, Slate’s parenting editor and co-host of the parenting advice podcast “Mom and Dad Are Fighting,” had written a book, I assumed it would be about parenting, and it kinda is, sorta. Kois and his … Continue reading