The hidden virtue of “Frozen” is hidden vice

Originally published by The Washington Post at —————————- Love it or hate it, one must acknowledge that Frozen is different. Much ink has been spilled over why it struck such a chord with children and parents alike. The girls who save themselves? The best wisecracking, adult-centric character since Robin Williams’ Genie? The relatability of being…Continue reading »

Dollars and Doers: Power in Public Education

Originally published in the GGMG Magazine – April 2015 Public education funding and governance in California have long been nonsensical to experts and virtually incomprehensible to the rest of us. In a flurry of recent legislative and administrative action, policymakers set out to reform what the Stanford Center for Education Policy and Analysis described as…Continue reading »

Sibling Revelry

Originally published in the GGMG Magazine – March 2015 issue Since kids and families constantly grow and change, effective parenting is often the ultimate moving target, and planning extracurricular activities is no exception. I remember well the frustration that came when I finally sorted out an ideal schedule of outings for my first baby, only to…Continue reading »